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Health Care

  • I am passionate about healthcare. As a healthcare consultant, I see the daily impact our current system has on patients’ healthcare providers. Small business owners struggle to afford the cost of doing business.


  • I am for capitalism.  I am also for small business and consumer choice. Mega corporations take over many small businesses. This often means the loss of consumer and employer choices.  Jobs and tax dollars are lost. Working people, families, and the middle class suffer.


  • Quality healthcare is a right of all Americans.  Care providers need to work together.  I have worked for years helping patients understand medical bills. I have helped small business healthcare providers find ways to remain independent.


  • I will push for affordable healthcare as a right for all, support for small business providers, continuation of Medicare, and lower/negotiated prescription drug prices.


Reproductive Rights - PRO CHOICE

  • Reproductive Rights are a women's right to make their own decisions about their own bodies and their own healthcare.

  • Reproduction is healthcare.

  • Choices made about a women's reproductive healthcare is solely an individual decision to be made by a woman and her healthcare provider, without interference from government or religious groups.

  • I will stand up for and defend the right for a women to make her own healthcare decisions, including the right to an abortion.  

Senior, Youth, Veterans, Disabled Support

  • Pennsylvania has large populations of seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities.  In many rural areas, transportation and care services are sparse or nonexistent. Lack of services negatively impacts these population groups and often forces them out of their homes and into costly facilities or even homelessness. 


  • I experienced the difficulty of finding transportation and care services for my mother who required life sustaining services. Fortunately, my siblings and I were able to pull resources together and hire assistance. We managed, but many Pennsylvanians do not have the resources or social/family support to access needed services.


  • Transportation services have improved, but funding has made it problematic. I will rally support to make service improvements. Improved transportation will help businesses and employees.  I will find out where ex-Governor Corbett reallocated funds for these services and allocate them back to needed transportation improvements.


  • Pennsylvania seniors, veterans and disabled deserve assistance and support services.  Providing services that allow people to remain in their own homes instead of facilities can result in healthier options and be more economical and beneficial.

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