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Tina began fighting for a NEW DAY, NEW WAY for others early on in her life. She continues  to do so because she has faith in people, NEPA, and our United States of America democracy. 

“Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Are you ready for a NEW DAY, NEW WAY?
One where you're first and have someone just
like you, working for you every day in Harrisburg

Tina with her biggest supporters, and reasons for running for office to help our area. Our youth are our future and are worth fighting for.

I am Tina Burns and I am running for office for our rural areas in NEPA. I am for you, with you, one of you, and dedicated to serving you, not the multi-billion dollar industries.

I grew up in a lower middle-class home in New Ringgold, PA with my two parents, and 2 older siblings. I am a graduate of Tamaqua Area High School. In my youth I served in the United States Coast Guard where I learned about leadership, serving others, and honoring my oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

After leaving the armed services, I worked in a myriad of positions, such as, a truck driver, educator, operations manager, chef, horse trainer, owned small businesses, HR, etc., I hold a Master of Science degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Florida International University and currently work in the healthcare industry providing support services to independent small business provider offices.

I attribute my passion, understanding of our area, ambition to fight for what's right and perseverance to overcome adversity to my parents and my rural upbringing.


Both of my parents worked in healthcare. As parents they were demanding, firm, fair, caring, and encouraged all their children to be true to themselves and to who they are. They instilled in us that if we worked hard and fought for what's right for ourselves and others, we would live a successful life.

I am running because I believe in our small rural communities and the people living within them. For far too long, those that have held political seats in our area have made and broken promises again and again. I want to affect meaningful change that makes our area of NEPA better for everyone no matter what political party or how much they have in their wallet. 


Not much  has changed in our area over the past 50 or so years. Our communities and those living in them are still struggling to survive. Our local politicians continue to chose industry and personal corporate interests over you and I.  Many of our NEPA politicians, such as those in our state Representative and Congressional seats have personal financial interests and receive unpublished high dollar gifts from lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry. Ironically (or not) those same politicians continue to support giving away over $3.8 BILLION DOLLARS of PA Taxpayer money to the fossil fuel industry every single year.


Giving away our hard earned taxpayer dollars to multi-billion dollar, record profit making companies seems unjust to me, how about to you? Why do some of those in politics continue to do this to We the People? The answer is actually easy, it's because We the People have allowed the politicians to do so by continuing to elect the politicians that work for these multi-billion dollar companies instead of for We the People. 


Aren't you ready for change? Aren't you ready to have someone in your corner fighting for you instead of for the multi-billion dollar industries? I know I certainly am. It's time for a change, it's time to vote for a candidate that will have your back not price gouging billionaire companies. Join me, Tina Burns in the fight for a NEW DAY, NEW WAY because We the People deserve to be put first!

Tina Burns




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