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Help me help us, take our seat back for We the People of the 124th! We deserve to be our seats priority, not the politicians corporate interests!


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August 1, 2022

Schuylkill County Fair Fun.

It was a fun opening day at the fair getting to meet some of the enthusiastic residents of our area. This and other County Fairs spotlight PAs number one industry, Agriculture. Agriculture and rural living are often forgotten but deserve to be recognized and applauded for enriching all of our lives. Support your local fairs, they are fun and vital to our communities. 


July 16, 2022

Burns holds successful fundraiser in hometown of Tamaqua.


Supporters from around the 124th district turned out to support Tina's campaign and run for the PA House Rep seat. Burns spoke with constituents on the issues facing our area, and the need for Accountability, Accessibility, and Affordability for our community members. 


July 3, 2022

Kutztown Folk Festival week was a success.


Kutztown's annual folk festival was in full swing during the week of July 3rd. Many folks turned out to support the town, the festival and to learn a bit about the areas rich culture, including a stop by the funnel cake stand, which of course is where funnel cake began. Myself and others from our campaign had a great time stopping by the festival meeting people and learning from those we were able to chat with.

July 27 2022

Meet and greet at Summit View Schuylkill Haven. 

Supporters from around the 123rd and 124th district turned out to support Tina's campaign and run for the PA House Rep 124th seat. Tina meaningful and insightful conversations with constituents on the issues facing our area and what their main concerns are. 

Many of our communities members, like Tina, all agree that it is absolutely time for our voices to be heard, because they are tired of the status quo politicians only looking out for their corporate interests and elite friends. Unanimously, all those present were ready and looking forward to a NEW DAY, NEW WAY with Tina!


July 6, 2022

Josh Shapiro stopped by St. Clair Fish & Game to show his commitment to our state and local area. 


Hundreds turned out to meet Josh and several other area candidates. Among those candidates was Tina Burns for the 124th, Kathy Laughlin Benyak for the 123rd, and Yesenia Rodriquez for the 116th. The crowd also included other local leaders, such a Commissioner Gary Hess, Mayor Terry Gibbins, and Tim Holden. 


The crowd cheered to the inspirational words Shapiro spoke as he called everyone to action to get out the vote for our freedoms and democracy that are at stake this coming November 8th. 


I’m not a politician, nor did I ever think I would be. Just like you, I’m a working class, pay check to pay check, struggling local resident. I'm a single parent who grew up in New Ringgold and graduated from Tamaqua High School.

I’ve decided to run because I am tired of the status quo politicians promising one thing and doing another and making their big corporate sponsors priority over us. In general, I’m tired of we the people being ignored. Our house seat has only been held by 4 status quo Republican Politicians for over 50 years. And now my opponent wants to be the 5th. He’s not one of us, nor does he care to be. I am and I am proud to be so, which is why, I want to bring the 124th seat home to us, the struggling, ignored, non politicians. The time is now for we the people to have our chance at a NEW DAY, NEW WAY with me, Tina Burns, one of us fighting for us!