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It's Not About Red or Blue. It's about You.

When I am elected as your State Representative for District 124, I will use the quality characteristics instilled in me, my educational knowledge, and my school of hard knocks life skills to fight for you and with you. As a longtime local resident, hardworking middle class, single parent, I understand the meaning of community and the importance of taking care of those in our communities. 


One of my first non-parental mentors in leadership used to tell me, bring any problem to me that you wish, but be sure that when you do, you also bring a solution. My mentor’s words have had a profound impact on me ever since in both life and business.


So, to you my fellow hard working, struggling American's, I present to you a problem. Some members of our government are a problem. They seem to have lost their way and have made it about We the Elite 1% instead of  about We The People. 


I do not believe the working-class backbone people of our country are being considered in most decisions that are made on our behalf, nor do many in positions of power seemingly care. If the politicians cared or acted on behalf of the working class, many things we currently have happening would not be.  For years Schuylkill County has been promised a solution to property taxes, yet in 2015 and beyond when it could have been addressed, the status quo politicians in our areas voted NO to providing tax credits to help residents with their property taxes. The county of Berks used to be known for it's rich and beautiful farm lands, twisting and enjoyable country roads, but it is now turning into a haven for oversized, overtaxing warehouses that the infrastructure can't support, nor is there a plan in the near future to support it. Yet some of those that should be protecting the area are the same ones selling it out to large corporations for self-serving profit.


The solution I bring forth with this problem is - Vote for me because I am you, a proud, middle-class, hardworking single parent trying to do my best for my family and community. Let our voices be heard loud and clear. Let some of those currently in power know that we want our government returned to We the People. And We the People and are no longer willing to accept the status quo career politicians ideas for what they think is best for us. Ideas which are really only best for them, their own self-interests, and their 1% friends who could care less about us or our communities.


After over 50 years of the same status quo career politician's as our Rep's, and still no property tax relief, it's time. 

It's time for a