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New Leadership from One of Us for All of Us. 
Tina Burns for a NEW DAY, NEW WAY for the 124th. Because we deserve to be heard! 


Are you ready for a NEW DAY, NEW WAY?
One where you are first and have a non-politician,
someone just like you, fighting for you every day. 

Tina with her biggest supporters, and reasons for running to take our seat back. Our youth are our future and are worth fighting for.

I am Tina Burns and I am running for the PA State House Representative District 124th seat, I am for you, with you, one of you, and dedicated to serving you, not the multi-billion dollar industries.

I grew up in a lower middle-class home in New Ringgold, PA with my two parents, and 2 older siblings. I am a graduate of Tamaqua Area High School. In my youth I served in the United States Coast Guard where I learned about leadership, serving others, and honoring my oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

After leaving the armed services, I pursued and now hold a Master of Science degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Florida International University.

I attribute my passion, understanding of our area, ambition to fight for what's right and perseverance to overcome adversity to my parents and my rural upbringing.


Both of my parents worked in healthcare. As parents they were demanding, firm, fair, caring, and encouraged all their children to be true to themselves and to who they are. They instilled in us that if we worked hard and fought for what's right for ourselves and others, we would live a successful life.

As a Schuylkill County resident living in Tamaqua PA and am currently employed as a healthcare consultant supporting independent healthcare providers that are struggling to remain independent small businesses. I have never been a politician, and honestly never thought I would be, until now. 

I am running because I believe in our small rural communities and the people living within them. For far too long, those that have held the district 124th seat have made and broken promises again and again. I want to affect meaningful change that makes this district better for everyone no matter what political party or how much they have in their wallet. 


The 124th seat has had only 4 people, all republican's, and all male's for well over 50 years. And not surprisingly, not much  has changed over those 50 years for we the residents in the 124th. Our communities are still struggling to survive. Even when those in the 124th seat could have helped us with things like property tax relief, they chose to help the multi-billion dollar fossil fuel industry and their other corporate interests instead of helping you and I, their actual constituents.  On average they give over $3.8 BILLION DOLLARS AWAY to their fossil fuel friends every single year. This seems crazy to me, that they hunt we the people down for payment of our local taxes twice a year and rush to put us into collections if we are late, or if we are not able to pay our property taxes they just take our homes away from us, all while they continue year after year to give our tax money and resources away to Multi-Billion dollar companies who pay little or no taxes at all. Why? Because we the people have allowed the politicians to do so, because we the people continue to elect them.


Aren't you ready for change? Aren't you ready to have someone in your corner fighting for you instead of for the multi-billion dollar industries? I know I certainly am. It is time for a change and the time is now for a NEW DAY, NEW WAY with me, Tina Burns.

Tina Burns

HOT 101.NET 10/16/2022 streaming event with Jeff Kennedy

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