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My Democracy Platform represents what I stand for.

I support a government that works for the people it represents and holding our elected officials accountable to the voters. After all, that is the basis of a democracy.

I support a ban on gifts to elected officials, limits on contributions to political candidates, and full disclosure of all spending meant to influence the outcome of elections.


I support a redistricting commission to draw fair lines for Congressional, State House, and State Senate districts.


I support open primaries, election day voter registration, automatic voter registration, and more opportunities for early voting.

I support our democracy and the constitution is stands on.

My name represents who I am.

I am Tina, a woman, parent, grandparent, veteran, neighbor, candidate, and your next 124th PA house representative. I stand on my name as my service pledge to you. I will bring effective leadership to the 124th by working to - 


Take back our towns

Improve quality & affordability of living

Nurture our neighborhoods and neighbors

Advocate and enact equal rights for all - without exception (including animal rights)   

Aren't you ready for change? Aren't you ready to have someone in your corner fighting for you instead of for the multi-billion dollar industries? I know I certainly am. It is time for a change and the time is now for a NEW DAY, NEW WAY with me, Tina Burns.

Tina Burns

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