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Environmental Responsibility

  • The recent dramatic increase in gas prices should be more than enough incentive to push everyone to become environmentally responsible. Had we been more responsible we would not be as dependent on carbon fuels and not be as impacted by the high price of gas today.


  • Countries across the world are impacted by the use of fossil fuels. We can no longer ignore or write off global warming as a joke or some made up conspiracy.  Proof can be seen daily in our weather patterns.


  • Pollution and degradation of our environment has far reaching consequences that must be addressed. No one should ever have to go without clean drinking water.  We are all responsible for our environment and preserving our natural resources.


  • Glaring environmental issues are impacting Schuylkill and Berks Counties. From the mountain split outside of Coaldale, residents see acid mine drainage behind the Speedway in Tamaqua overflowing into the river. There is industrializing of the wetlands in Maxatawny that is destroying the water and way of life for those in the area. All this environmental destruction was allowed to happen by our current politicians who value corporate greed and self-serving interests above those of their constituents. 


  • If we do not welcome environmentally responsible change now, we will miss our opportunity. Lack of action will have irreversible consequences for generations. Our state, our country, and our world deserve quality leaders who value science, truth, and commitment to high values.


Equal Rights for All

  • All people are entitled to the human rights afforded to each United States citizen.


  • Rights should be protected in our places of employment, including our right to decide if we want to unionize. Many employers are fighting to take the right to unionize away. Perhaps if employers treated employees with the dignity, equality, and respect that unions push for, they would not need to worry about employees wanting a union.  I support unions because unions support choice and Human Rights for all.


  • I will push for change and do everything I can to provide for a brighter future for all humans regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other variables that make each individual who they are.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • The economy impacts every individual and every community. Transparency and accountability will produce the best outcome in budget planning and money allocation.



  • ​As your Representative, I will find out how our tax dollars are spent. If those dollars are not spent responsibly to benefit our communities, I will seek to stop such spending.


  • I will fight to increase the minimum wage to a living wage. Inflation skyrockets while wages stagnate. This disparity hurts the working class struggling to handle the financial strain. 

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