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Tina Burns

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A CANDIDATE who believes in Equality for All People.

Help me help We the People of the 124th, take our seat back! We deserve to be put first, above the status quo politicians' corporate interests!


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September 14, 2022

Berks County Union Hall Local 743, Reading, PA.

 Candidate meet and greet with Josh Shapiro. He is the only candidate for PA Governor. Also pictured with Reading Mayor, Eddie Moran, House Rep, Manny Guzman (127), and soon to be House Rep's Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz (129) and Kathy Laughlin-Benyak (123).


September 18, 2022

SDC Schuylkill County Event. 

Supporters from across Schuylkill County turned out to support the local party and volunteers while mingling in the beauty of our county in Andreas, PA. We even had the honor of the presence of Malcolm Kenyatta, House Rep for the 181st, who was most inspiring and provided support and encouragement to us all. Also in the photo Amanda Waldman, candidate for US Senate district 9, Kathy Laughlin-Benyak candidate for House Rep 123, and of course, me, Tina Burns for House Rep 124.  

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September 3, 2022

Berks County Hamburger Fest, Hamburg, PA.

Burgers, burgers everywhere! Thousands of people turned out for this spectacular event. It was great fun meeting local people and those from all over PA and other states as well. As for who made the best burger, well that all depends on which ones you tasted. I personally liked them all and can't wait until next years event.

August 1, 2022

Schuylkill County Fair Fun.

Fun day at the Schuylkill County Fair! Enthusiastic residents helped me celebrate Pennsylvania’s top industry: Agriculture. Our farming communities and rural living deserve recognition for enriching our lives. I applaud their hard work and dedication and look forward to creating a fairer playing field as your Representative.


July 16, 2022

Burns holds successful fundraiser in hometown of Tamaqua.

Supporters across the 124th District turned out to support Tina's campaign and her run for the PA House of Representatives. Burns spoke with constituents on critical issues facing Schuylkill County: Accountability.  Accessibility.  Affordability.


July 3, 2022

Kutztown Folk Festival week was a success.


Kutztown's Annual Folk Festival was in full swing during the week of July 3rd. Families, friends and constituents turned out to support the town, the Festival, and to learn a bit about the area’s rich culture.  I included a stop by the funnel cake stand! Kutztown is where funnel cake began. The Tina4PA campaign team and I had a great time at the Festival. We introduced ourselves to hundreds of people who talked about their hopes and concerns for Pennsylvania.

August 27, 2022

GRP Berks County Event. 

Supporters from across Berks County turned out to support GRP endorsed Democratic area candidates. As a Greater Reading PAC endorsed candidate, I was honored to be in the presence of Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz, House Candidate for the 129th, and the most inspiring Senator Judy Schwank. Female empowerment.


July 27 2022

Meet and greet at Summit View Schuylkill Haven. 

Supporters from around the 123rd and 124th Districts turned out to support Tina's campaign and her run for the PA House of Representatives. Tina’s meaningful, insightful conversations with constituents underscored the many unresolved issues facing our area. There were common threads of not being heard by current politicians, of feeling left out “when the pie is cut up”, of wanting to feel hope for their futures.


Tina assured attendees that their voices will be heard, their causes fought for, their needs met.  “Status quo politicians too often look out for their corporate interests and elite friends. They need to be voted out of Harrisburg!” Tina told the audience. She was met with resounding applause. All were ready for a NEW DAY, NEW WAY with Tina!


July 6, 2022

Josh Shapiro stopped by St. Clair Fish & Game to show his commitment to our state and local area. 


Hundreds turned out to meet Josh and other area candidates: Tina Burns for the 124th, Kathy Laughlin Benyak for the 123rd, and Yesenia Rodriquez for the 116th. Other local leaders, such a Commissioner Gary Hess, Mayor Terry Gibbins and Tim Holden, added to the buzz and excitement for change in Harrisburg.


The crowd cheered to Shapiro’s inspirational words.  He called everyone to action and encouraged all to get out the vote for our freedoms and democracy.  He stressed that our basic rights are at stake this coming November 8.


I’m not a politician, nor did I ever think I would be. Like you, I’m a working class, paycheck-to-paycheck Schuylkill County resident who struggles to understand some of those in Harrisburg’s lack of commitment to We the People. I'm a single parent who grew up in New Ringgold and graduated from Tamaqua High School. My work in healthcare has given me great insight into the needs of seniors, veterans and those with disabilities, families, and the struggling middle class.  I’m a hard worker, a fighter for basic rights, and I keep my promises.


Help me stop status quo politicians promising one thing and doing another. Big corporate sponsors should not have priority over us. I’m tired of We the People being ignored. Our PA House of Representatives seat has been held by four status quo Republican politicians for over 50 years. Ten decades ignoring We the People needs! Now, my opponent wants to be the fifth politician to be in the back pocket of Republican special interests. He’s not interested in you.  I am and proud to be so.  I will bring the 124th seat home to us, the struggling, the too-long ignored, the non-politicians. We the People can have our chance at a NEW DAY, NEW WAY with me, Tina Burns, one of us fighting for us!  If we get out the vote, we can win!

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